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Wonder Woman – The Review

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Wonder Woman Action Figures

Wonder Woman Action Figures

Finally arrived! As of June 2nd, 2017 Wonder Woman is now in theaters!

Wonder Woman Movie Review

Together DC Comics and Warner Bros. Pictures have given us the first female superhero solo film, a real life super hero woman to be proud of! Wonder Woman, played by Gal Gadot fits the role perfectly. She is strong, beautiful, heroic, realistic, humorous and courageous.

After looking forward to Wonder Woman since last year, and with so much expectations built up, I was anything but let down. This movie crushed it, far exceeding my expectations.

The movie begins with a brief history of Gods in comic, then moves on to the stunning tropical paradise where the brave and curious young Princess Diana is born and raised on the secluded island of Themyscira. The island was built to train the Amazonian Women Warriors to fight against the God of War, Aries.

The war comes to the island and after realizing war raging outside of her paradise, Wonder Woman leaves the island and heads into the pre-modern era. Here she is faced with the inconveniences of being a woman warrior in this world which is quite humorous.

Favorite Scene 

Spoiler, the beach fight scene is my favorite scene as it showcases the Amazonian Warriors putting their skills to wars, this fight scene alone made this movie! The warriors fighting is in sync and gracefully executed, much like watching a dance performance!



My POP FUNKO Collector Favorites

There are already many must have collectibles such as the premiere movie’s  Wonder Woman Pop from Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice to the new Wonder Woman there are plenty of Pop Funko figures, action figures and more!

Wonder Woman Pop Funko #86

Wonder Woman Pop Funko #86




Her first premiere in 2016 was in the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which gave us a sneak peak of what to expect from the Warrior Princess Wonder Woman.



Wonder Woman Pop Funko #177

Wonder Woman Pop Funko #177




This Wonder Woman Funko Pop from the new feature Wonder Woman depicts her beauty and grace in her beautiful blue ball gown. This Funko Pop is exclusive to Game Stop.


Wonder Woman Pop Funko #167

Wonder Woman Pop Funko #167




This Exclusive Chase Sepia Wonder Woman from the DC Comics Bombshells collection is a great edition to every Chase Pop Collection.





I still plan to add these Wonder Woman Pop Figures to my collection.



Have you seen Wonder Woman? What do you think?