Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman – The Review

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Finally arrived! As of June 2nd, 2017 Wonder Woman is now in theaters! Wonder Woman Movie Review Together DC Comics and Warner Bros. Pictures have given us the first female superhero solo film, a real life super hero woman to be proud of! Wonder Woman, played by Gal Gadot fits the role perfectly. She is strong, beautiful, heroic, realistic, humorous and courageous. After looking forward to Wonder Woman since last year, and with so much expectations built …

Telestrations – The Party Game Review

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    Telestrations – Game Review This party game is Pictionary meets Telephone Game Setup Each player starts off with one dry-erase notepad and pen. Game Play Telestrations is similar to the game of Telephone but instead of whispering words, you are drawing pictures and passing it to the next person who will do their best to guess what you drew, and continue to pass it around drawing and guessing until the story book is …

Settlers of Catan the Strategy Game

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10 Reasons to Play Settlers of Catan Imagine you are exploring the new world and you discover and land on a unexplored island. You begin collecting resources to build yourself a settlement, then start building roads to connect your settlements and soon you are upgrading to cities to maximize productions. There are other settlers, so be sure to pick the best lands to start and you are sure to succeed. But beware, there are robbers …